Collect, drop & be rewarded 




Accra, Ghana 

Community buy-back program for recyclables

 SESA Recycling 🇬🇭 is a waste recovery company that has set-up an incentive-based scheme for plastics, aluminium and other valuable waste. Founded by a team of entrepreneurs active in Ghana and Ivory Coast and backed by key industrials players from the GRIPE, the start-up is rewarding you for waste sorting 

Sort your waste and get rewards !

Fix & Mobile Collection pointS

Drop sorted waste into the collection centers or join our collection area. For every kilo of recyclables, you will receive points that can be redeem for cash or goods. 

School Collection Program

School & Church RECYCLING program

More details on the reward-for-recycling program implemented with the schools of Ashaiman 

How it Works ?

Residents, waste pickers, communities, faith-based organisations or schools can easily join our program. Just register on-line or at the nearest point of collect and start to sort your waste or cleaning your environnement! 

We are starting the program in Accra !

Step 1. Collect & Drop

The individuals or waste-pickers sort and bring directly their collected waste to the collection centers. You can also schedule a pick-up for large volume.

Step 2. Be rewarded

We weight and transform your valuable waste into rewards. The more you are collecting, the more you are rewarded!

An innovative solution to fight poverty while reducing pollution

Our objectives is to deploy fixed and mobile collecting kiosks for recyclables to :
- generate extra-income for local communities while revealing the value of waste 
- develop the market of recyclable packaging by providing a regular supply to local industries with a maximum of impact
- clean our environment and avoid waste disposal into the oceans 


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