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Corporates & Institutions


We are providing collection and recycling services for paper / plastics (one time pick-up, recurrent pick-up, rental of storage bins)

SOON : We are providing off-site service for the destruction of your confidential and businesses-sensitive documents / hardware


Recycling for Schools

Raise a challenge in your organisation and motivate your team with paper & carboard sorting.


All used papers will be recycled into notebooks for schoolers in low-income communities.

Recycling Programs

Recycling Programs


 Homes & small shops 

Drop you waste at the collection point and get rewards in cash, mobile money , products or innovative services !

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 Faith-based organization 

We are helping faith-based organization to clean the environment while providing extra resources to support the most vulnerable members of the community 


 Schools and universities 

The School Recycling Program help schools to reduce recurrent costs such as the purchase of soaps or materials for children

Raising funds!

Raise money for your project ! 


 We offer an innovative solution to support organizations in their effort to raise money. The collected cans will be an extra financial resource for groups like NGO, Schools, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, Lions Club, Hospitals, Universities, Susu, events, etc.

This program is a great way to involve your entire community in an activity that benefits a very worthy cause !

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