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 We offer innovative recycling programs to support organizations in their effort to raise money. The collected materials will be an extra financial resource for groups like NGO, Schools, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, Lions Club, Hospitals, Universities, Susu, events, etc.

These programs are a great way to involve your entire community in an activity that benefits a very worthy cause !

Accra plastic recycling

Lycée Français
East Legon 

The SHS Life Council joins forces with CM1 & CM2 classes to launch a huge collection of used plastic bottles, in order to give them a second life.


Target : 1.5 tons of plastics!

Recycling plastic Accra

Accra Senior High School,
North Ridge

The Accra Senior High School are generating a lot of waste, including various plastics burnt in the open air.  Students and teachers launched a recycling program to reduce their impact and finance green projects for the school.

Target : 1.5 tons of plastics!

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